Heat installation on Ubuntu 14.04

First of all as rpc_backend option in heat.conf file must be set as follows:

Another problem is the same as with Nova in post: http://stackblog.net/?p=14  i.e. heat-engine service does not start unless mysql service starts first. This is the same problem as with nova-scheduler and nova-cert.


Heat-engine is a SysV service thus we need to first check mysql priority (in the example below it is 19):

 In all appropriate runlevels (2,3,4,5) add a symbollic link /etc/rcX.d directories so that heat-engine start *AFTER* mysql service:

 or use:

 Even though heat-engine process seems to be UP:

Service status is shown as STOP/WAITING:

Due to some reason heat-engine service is called by some different service during bootup twice before mysql is up and it fails to launch (even though in boot log it shows [OK]



After mysql is launched again heat-engine is started (thanks to adding it /etc/rcX.d with appropriate priority):

 All in all service works fine but its status is shown incorrectly.