Inter-AS Option B between Juniper routers

Recently I stumbled on a topic related to interconnecting 2 Juniper routers with Inter-AS Option B. 

With this kind of connectivity it is not enough to have control plane working properly i.e. prefixes exchanged and visible in appropriate routing-instances on both ends – for data plane to work you need to have next-hop resolved – and it is implicit in case E-BGP peering is sourced with interface address. In case loopback is used as a source you need to have it resolved by:

  • either a LSP between the two ASBR (actually no label required, but it must appear in inet.3, it can even be a static dummy LSP)
  • or configure routing-options resolution rib bgp.l3vpn.0 resolution-ribs inet.0 which will allow L3VPN routes to be resolved in inet.0 instead of inet.3

More details can be found on the Juniper forum where I found the solution:


There are also 2 useful commands that can be used for troubleshooting next-hop connectivity

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