vSphere ESXi access without vSphere client

Today I stumbled on quite irritating problem. If you are OSX or Linux user and your ESXi setup doesn’t have vCenter (which comes with a price) then you are:

  1. Doomed to run a VM with Windows and install a vSphere client there (it requires Windows and .NET)
  2. Lose your time over trying to run it using Wine (there are instances where where with specific wine version and vSphere client it could work – I didn’t manage) or Crossover (if on Mac)
  3. Install VMware Fusion (if on Mac) – but it is a paid solution, on the other hand you might already have it – it is capable of connecting to vCenter and ESXi hosts.
  4. Install ESXI host client UI https://labs.vmware.com/flings/esxi-embedded-host-client

Following assumes there is internet connectivity from your ESXi host (but that’s not a big deal if there is not, just SCP to upload vib package), so connect to your ESXi host over SSH and then:

Now you can access your ESXi host over UI: https://<esxi_host_ip/ui/

Kill a hanging machine in VMware ESXi

It might not be possible to kill a “running” (in reality hanging) VM from Vcenter GUI or using vSphere Client. 

In such situation a login via SSH to ESXi host is needed, list all VMs and kill the appropriate one.